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Eheim Air Pump

Eheim Air Pump

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Eheim Air Pumps offer three power levels, 100 l/h - 200 l/h - 400 l/h, so well suited for common aquarium sizes and meet every requirement.

Power output is extremely quiet and is adjustable in all three models: the smallest model has one option and the larger models, two.

All of the Eheim Air Pumps are supplied fully equipped with air hose and EHEIM outflow unit(s) included. The 200 and 400 models are delivered with two outflow units, the 100 model has just the one. The supplied Eheim outflow unit is also adjustable. The bubbling pattern can be easily adjusted to your taste and the requirements of your aquarium.

A heavy duty sucker is included to affix the pump to the side of the aquarium, the rubber edges of the pump mean it doesn't vibrate or move about.

  • Air Flow levels adjustable on pump
  • Air Flow level and appearance adjustable on Eheim Diffusor
  • Hook for wall fastening
Product 100 200 400
Air diffusor 1 2 2
Airline 1m 2m 2m
Airline connection 1 2 2
Litres per hour 50-100lph 200lph 400lph
Guarantee 3 years 3 years 3 years
Suitable for freshwater marine aquariums Yes Yes Yes