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Tetra APS Aquarium Air Pumps Aquarium

Tetra APS Aquarium Air Pumps Aquarium

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Tetra APS Aquarium Pumps are well known for their reliability and low volume.

The unit has a durable diaphragm which provides a high flow rate, whichever pump you choose. They also have an adjustable flow rate to allow you to control the flow to various devices, such as air stones or filters.

The unique design of this external pump means it 'sits' on a flat surface outside of the tank. The rubber feet absorb noise and eradicate vibration. At the same time noise suppression chambers inside the pump cut down on the amount of sound.

Key Features:

  • Compact modern design
  • High quality diaphragm
  • Low volume
  • Anti-vibration feet
  • Noise Suppression chambers
Product Tank Size Max Pumping Rate Power Consumption Guarantee
APS50 10 - 60 Litres 50lph 2.0W 3 years
APS100 50 - 100 Litres 100lph 2.5W 3 years
APS150 80 - 150 Litres 150lph 3.1W 3 years
APS300 120 - 300 Litres 300lph 4.5W 3 years
APS400 250 - 600 Litres 40 lph 4.5W 3 years