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TMC Reef Pump DC Retrun

TMC Reef Pump DC Retrun

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The TMC Reef Pump DC is compact in size making it ideal for even the smallest of sumps. they are incredibly economical and can be used for either Freshwater or marine aquariums. These pumps are super quiet and are best used to go in sumps as a return pump.

TMC's new return pumps are low voltage at on 24v with low energy consumption melded with high power and flow rates, for the best possible performance. The DC pumps features a variable speed controller with 20 different controls for easy and effortless control over your speed settings. It also has an Integrated feed timer shut-off feature for 10 mins to save your food being sucked into your filter/sump.

The Reef DC pumps features:


  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • Super-quiet technology
  • Low energy consumption 24v
  • High power and high flowrates (dependant on model)
  • Better quality impeller for longer life,
  • Variable speed controller with 20 different controls
  • Precise adjustment of water
  • Integrated feed timer shut-off feature for 10 mins for effortless fish feeding

Product Max LPH Max Head Height Guarantee Dimensions Pipe Size
Reef Pump DC 1000 1000 LPH 2m 1 Year L112mm x W62mm x H115mm 15mm & 20mm
Reef Pump DC 2000 2000 LPH 3.5m 1 Year L128mm x W67mm x H123mm 15mm & 20mm
Reef Pump DC 4000 4000 LPH 4m 1 Year L170mm x W79mm x H155mm 20mm & 25mm
Reef Pump DC 8000 8000 LPH 5m 1 Year L170mm x W79mm x H167mm 25mm & 32mm
Reef Pump DC 12000 12000 LPH 5m 1 Year L206mm x W93mm x H177mm 25mm & 32mm