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Crested Gecko CB21

Crested Gecko CB21

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Correlophus ciliatus

Due to variations within species, your item may not look
identical to the image provided. Approximate size range may also vary between
individual specimen


Please phone the store when placing
an order of an animal. If collecting from the store dates and times need to be
set, and if you require a delivery service we have several methods. We can
provide a delivery as far down to Manchester along a set route, placing pick up
points, or delivery can be done by registered reptile couriers.


Origins: New
Caledonia- Isle of Pines and Grande Terre

Max Size: 15-25cm,

Lifespan: 20+

Activity: Nocturnal,
may become active just before lights out

Care Level: Easy



Humidity Range: 40-90%

Diet: Seasonal
Fruitivores and Insectivores, always provide a fruit gel/repashy mix and offer
insects a minimum of once a week

UVB: T8 5%,
T5 6%

Biome: Tropical

Style: Arboreal


Crested Geckos are
an easy to care for species that can be very entertaining. Like all arboreal
geckos they have specialised sticky pads on their feet to allow them to grip
onto almost any surface. The do not have eyelids and will lick their eye to
keep it moist. Their prehensile tails can drop off and will not grow back, they
may drop them for reasons we cannot understand but it is always related to
believing a predator is trying to eat them. They may take a week or so to get
back to being as agile as they were prior to dropping a tail.

Crested Geckos  are suitable for beginners and experts alike,
with easy handling once the owner has got used to their penchant for jumping. Humidity
and temperatures levels are fairly stable in their natural habitat but they
will accept a drop or rise in both as long as they settle again.