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Horsefield Tortoise Captive Bred
Horsefield Tortoise Captive Bred
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Horsefield Tortoise Captive Bred

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Testudo horsfieldi

Due to variations within species, your item may not look
identical to the image provided. Approximate size range may also vary between
individual specimen


Please phone the store when placing
an order of an animal. If collecting from the store dates and times need to be
set, and if you require a delivery service we have several methods. We can
provide a delivery as far down to Manchester along a set route, placing pick up
points, or delivery can be done by registered reptile couriers.


Origins: Central
Asia- Russian Steppes, Pakistan, Afghanistan

Max Size: Males
12-20cm, 5-8 inches. Females 15-25cm, 6-10inches

Lifespan: 60+

Activity: Diurnal

Care Level: Easy



Humidity Range: 30-60%

Diet: Herbivore,
mainly leafy greens

UVB: T8 10%,
T5 12%, Mercury vapour bulbs

Biome: Open
Field, Desert

Style: Terrestrial


Horsefields are a very curious species and make great pets.
These are one of the smallest tortoise species which allows for easier care,
tortoises roam huge areas naturally making this a bit easier for owners to
replicate with smaller animals.

They need to be fed a mix of greenery, seasonal growths of
dandelion and other weeds and flowers can be added in the summer. Care must be
taken that they do eat tougher foods to help wear their beaks down, similarly
they must have areas  of deep and rough
substrate to wear their nails down. Horsefields naturally dig and create
burrows to escape heat and sleep, so it is always good to give them a deeper
soil. Shell growth must be watched, it can ?pyramid? if they aren?t receiving the
correct levels of calcium, so a good supplement regime is needed.