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Arcadia Aquarium Poly-Filter 20x10cm

Arcadia Aquarium Poly-Filter 20x10cm

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Arcadia Aquarium Poly-Filter combines chemical and mechanical filtration in one product. They are highly versatile and can be cut to size to suit various filters.

Water can pass through easily, but all debris and pollutants are removed by the coarse fabric of the media. Unwanted pollutants such as nitrite, ammonia and algae causing phosphates are trapped and leave just crystal clear water. All of these elements are removed and retained in the media too, so you can be confident of a thoroughly clean tank!

It doesn't contain any water softening elements so won't cause any imbalance within the aquarium. It's easy to see when the media needs changing as it turns black, so you know it's saturated and ready to replace.

Available in both standard and breeder sizes so they will fit any size filter. The Breeder Poly-Filter will easily absorb the increased dirt and debris from a busy breeding tank.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums.
  • Combines chemical and mechanical filtration.
  • Absorbs proteins and amino acids, nitrite, nitrate and ammonia, phosphates and toxic metals.
  • Does not soften water.
  • Easily cut to size.
  • Turns black when saturated to indicate replacement required.