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Arcadia ShadeDweller Terrestrial UV Lamp 8w

Arcadia ShadeDweller Terrestrial UV Lamp 8w

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These 7% UVB T5 bulb helps with the synthesis of Vitamin D3, and provides a targeted flood of UV from this full spectrum bulb. This provides 7% UVB along with a lower 17% UVA, which has been designed specifically with crepuscular species in mind.

Crepuscular species tend to hide away during the day, and prefer dawn and dusk for investigating, so this lower light means its a more natural lighting for them, whilst still providing the very best in quality UVB. This is ideal for Leopard Geckos, Crested Geckos and many snake species, such as Corns, Kings, Milks and Rat Snakes, especially those kept in the "light and shade" method.

This bulb is designed to be used in the ProT5 or MiniT5 ShadeDweller Kits, though could be used in an existing T5 8w Controller or the Arcadia 8w UV MiniKit.

ShadeDweller 7% UVB T5 Lamp
Wattage 8w
Length 12" / 300mm
Diameter T5 Ø16mm
Lumens 400lm
Kelvin 6000K
kWh/1000h 9