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Arcadia ShadeDweller 7% UVB Kit

Arcadia ShadeDweller 7% UVB Kit

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Arcadia Shade Dweller Kits come in two size options, the Pro T5 or Mini T5, both coming with a 8w ShadeDweller bulb. This provides 7% UVB along with a lower 17% UVA, which has been designed specifically with crepuscular species in mind.

Crepuscular species tend to hide away during the day, and prefer dawn and dusk for investigating, so this lower light means it is a more natural lighting for them, whilst still providing the very best in quality UVB. This is ideal for Leopard Geckos, Crested Geckos and many snake species, such as Corns, Kings, Milks and Rat Snakes, especially those kept in the "light and shade" method.

These kits are stand alone units and ready to plug and play, though they can be linked together to create a larger unit for more spacious areas, up to 10 units can be put together. The easy to use Pro T5 Kit can be fixed easily inside a vivarium or even hung within an enclosure (where safe to do so). Its sleek design and specially curved reflector will ensure that you use less space but project as much light forward as possible. The MiniT5 is best for internal fitting, in more shallow enclosures where the light is located closer to the animal, at a distance of around 20 - 30cm.

This full-spectrum bulb is just 8w T5 (30cm/12"), so is very energy efficient and helps to provide essential Vit D3, and has the standard Arcadia 12 month lamp life.

ProT5 UV Index 0.80
MiniT5 UV Index 0.65
ProT5 UV Index 0.65
MiniT5 UV Index 0.53
ProT5 UV Index 0.45
MiniT5 UV Index 0.42
ProT5 UV Index 0.30
MiniT5 UV Index 0.25

Unit Lengths: 315mm fitting length, 300mm bulb (12")