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Assorted Platy

Assorted Platy

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Xiphophorus maculatus

Note: Due
to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image


Poecilia maculata, Platypoecilus maculatus


Wild stocks can be found in many parts of Central
America living in warm springs, canals and ditches with slow moving water and
abundant plant growth. This species was introduced to Northern America, the
Caribbean, South America, parts of Africa and much of South-east Asia.

Sexual Dimorphism

Males possess an obvious gonopodium.

Maximum Size

6cm (2.36?)

Water Parameters

pH: 7.0-8.0, dH: 8-20 degrees.


20-25 deg C (68-77 deg F)




No special requirements



The Platy is easy to keep, an ideal choice for the
beginner. Ideally, keep at least two females to every male, to ensure that no
single female has to continuously cope with the males? constant amorous
intentions. Plant cover will be very much appreciated. Platies are available in
a huge array of tank-bred colours and strains including Wagtail, Comet,
Mickey-mouse, Tuxedo, Calico, Hi-fin and Spadetail (longtail). The specimens
featured in the above photograph are of the Sunset Wagtail variety.



Omnivorous. Feed a good quality flake food, small frozen
foods such as mosquito larvae and daphnia, and keep with fast-growing
fine-leaved plants which the fish will nibble on.



Very easy. Platies
are livebearers, which means that the females give birth to live young. After
fertilisation occurs, the female gestates for 25-30 days, after which time she
will give birth to between 20 and 80 free-swimming fry. The adults (and other
fish species in the aquarium) will predate on the fry if not separated.
However, a few will normally manage to survive onto adulthood when kept in a
well planted aquarium with lots of natural hiding places