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Black Rat Snake CB20 M

Black Rat Snake CB20 M

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Pantherophis obsoletus commonly known as black rat snake is a nonvenomous species of Colubridae. Juveniles are strongly patterned with brown blotches on a gray background (pictured).

Darkening occurs rapidly as they grow. Adults are glossy black above with white lips, chin, and throat. Sometimes traces of the “obsolete” juvenile pattern are still discernible in the skin between the scales, especially when stretched after a heavy meal.

  • Scientific name : Pantherophis obsoletus
  • Distribution : Central-East USA, South Canada
  • Average Size : 1.5 m (5 ft)
  • Life Span : 20 years or more
  • Difficulty : Beginner


HOUSING: When Adults a minimum of 4x2x2ft, they do enjoy climbing so a taller vivarium would also do well. Juveniles can go into a 4x2x2ft but need plenty of hiding places and cover such as fake plants and caves, otherwise a smaller grow out vivarium will be needed.


FEEDING: Snakes eat frozen mice and rats, the size of food should be slightly thicker then the widest point of their body. As a juvenile rat snakes should be fed once a week, as they reach adulthood this can increase to every 10-14 days depending on the animal.


HUMDITY: A range from 40-80% should be provided, with micro climates of higher and lower areas. When shedding the humdity should be kept higher. 


HEATING: A basking spot of 30°C should be provided and a range of 30-15°C. The heating should be switched off at night. 


UVB: Whilst not necessary it is always good to provide. A 6% (Ferguson Zone 1/2) or Shadedweller Arcadia suits these well