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Black & White Clown Pair

Black & White Clown Pair

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  • Black and White Clownfish Pair
  • Amphiprion ocellaris
  • Care: Beginner
  • Diet: Omnivorous
  • Group Size: Alone or in pairs
  • Place of origin: Fancy clownfish are all captive bred
  • Reef Safe: Generally yes

Black and White Clownfish pairs are a stunning ocellaris variants. As the name suggests, these clowns have dark bodies instead of orange. As a result, this colour nicely contrasts their orange faces and broad white bands.  Black and White Clowns make a nice addition to a marine aquarium.

Black and White Clownfish Pair Ecology.

Clownfish form strict hierarchies, where the dominant fish is female. In the absence of a matriarch, a larger male clown will change gender and become the new boss. This ability to change from male to female is known as protandrous hermaphroditism.

Famously, Clownfish share a symbolic relationship with anemones. A mucus coat protects the Black and White Clownfish pair from being stung by their host. Anemones offer the clownfish protection against predators. In return, the clownfish bring in food and keep the Anemone free from parasites.

Clownfish: In the Aquarium. 

Black and White Clownfish are omnivores and do best when fed a varied diet. They will accept frozen Mysis shrimp and enriched frozen brine shrimp. They will also devour live foods, such as copepods and amphipods, that can be cultivated in attached refugium. Over time they will accept high-quality pellet and flake. We adapt all our Clownfish pairs to aquarium life before they leave us.