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CaribSea Live Sand
CaribSea Live Sand
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CaribSea Live Sand

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Caribsea Arag Alive Sand Fiji Pink 10lb

Beautiful Caribsea Arag Alive Sand is not only designed to look beautiful as a decorative element inside your tank, but also helps support a healthy balanced system. The 10lb bag of Fiji Pink sand consists of natural coloured tones that are found in the wild, and not only contains the broad spectrum of natural marine bacteria found in the ocean, but added special selected strains of bacteria too. 

Arag Alive from Caribsea helps control dangerous ammonia levels and reduce Nitrate and Nitrite. It creates a natural biological balance and makes cycling a new aquarium faster and safer. The golden glow of the sand creates warm tones throughout the entire tank and can be used in both marine and reef set ups.

Caribsea Arag Alive San Fiji Pink also helps support coral growth. The natural product consists of grains of sand at around 0.5 - 1.5mm in diameter. 

Caribsea recommend the following:- For general reef keeping, aim for 1LB of sand per 1 Gallon of water (US Gallon)

At a Glance:

Size: 10lb and 20lb

Beautiful decorative element

Supports healthy balanced system

Natural coloured tones

Contains broad spectrum of marine bacteria

Added special strains of bacteria

Controls dangerous ammonia levels

Reduces nitrite and nitrate

0.5-1mm grains of sand

For marine and reef set-ups

Supports coral growth

Genuine Caribsea product