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Ciano Aqua 30 with LED

Ciano Aqua 30 with LED

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Ciano Aquarium is an European Aquarium and Filter Manufacturer, known by the quality and functionality of is products at an affordable price, all products are safe and certified by European organisms.

A fully equipped decorative black aquarium which is easy to use for kids and adults alike, equipped with a hinged Lid for easy use and LED low voltage light unit for total safety and low energy consumption.

Endowed with high performance 3 Stage filtration system to maintain crystal clear water for as long as possible with the minimum effort.

The shockproof plastic frame, polished corners, hinged hood and waterclear dose on filter for crystal clear water and odourless water.

This tank has a low voltage LED 12V 1.5W consumption.

Equipment Included: 1 1.5W 10V safety LED light unit, 1 Ciano Aquarium 3 Stage filtration CF40, 1 Dose Waterclear size S, 1 Installation guide, 2 years manufacturers guarantee.

The product is suitable for small cold water fishes and plants.

For Tropical water fishes and plants an heater must be added.

It's advisable, to make full use of the CF40 Ciano Filter 3 stage capabilities, to add an Bio-Bac filtration dose Size S.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 46.5 x 40 x 20cm