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Compact Pro 23w
Compact Pro 23w
Compact Pro 23w
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Compact Pro 23w

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From Reptile
Systems, these bulbs are designed to provide the very best quality in UVB
lighting through a compact bulb, far exceeding the quality of spiral compact UV
bulbs, due to their unique shape. These are a standard E27 screw fitting and
therefore compatible with most reptile fittings. Ideal for use in canopy tops
to provide UVB alongside other standard lighting.

A choice of
6% or 12% bulb is available, with both having a high 30% UVA output - meaning
you have a normal looking bright light, not a blue tint leftover like some cheaper
bulbs. As these are UVB they should not be used on a thermostat, as this will
inhibit the UV output. However, at just 23w they provide very little in heat,
so should not have a big temperature effect on most enclosures. However, in
small nano systems they can be used as the heat source as well.

The 6% UVB is
ideal for rainforest species, such as Crested Geckos, Day Geckos, Chameleons,
and many ground lizards, like Skinks. They are also good for crepuscular
species like Leopard Geckos who require mid level UV in bursts, whilst they are
out for a few hours in the day.

The 12% bulbs
have a higher UVB output, and are more for desert species, or those that bask
for prolonged periods, such as Bearded Dragons, Uromastyx and many Tortoise
species. This is designed to mimic all-day sunlight.