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50GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane

50GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane

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  • High quality thin film
  • High compatibility
  • Size 75 GPD
  • RUW014

This D-D 75 GPD R.O membrane is a high quality, thin film membrane. It is compatible with any R.O unit that takes standard membrane size of gallons per day.

RO Units

Tap water, although safe to drink, contains pollutants that can have negative effects on your aquarium. These contaminants include: sediment, chlorine, heavy metals, phosphates and nitrates.  The severity of the adverse effects depends on the tap waters’ source and how sensitive your pets are.

RO units, or Reverse Osmosis units, remove these contaminants. Turning tap water in to as close to pure water as possible. This Produces an ideal solute for mixing salt or clean water for an auto top up pump.

The RO membrane is the third and most essential stage of the purification process.

This Product

The D-D 75 GPD R.O membrane consists of several thin layers or sheets of film. These are bonded together and rolled into a spiral configuration around a plastic tube. The membrane is semipermeable. It works by allowing highly pressurised water to pass through but retaining the dissolved solids. The contaminants that are collected are rinsed out via the waste water pipe.


In general, a well kept membrane will last about 2 years. The best way to test the D-D 75 GPD R.O membrane is using a TDS meter to determine if the quality of the water has deteriorated.

Note that a matching flow restrictor must be used on the waste pipe, specific to the membrane output. The restrictor should be changed as often as the membrane.