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DD Aquascape Natural Aquarium Rock

DD Aquascape Natural Aquarium Rock

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Aquascape Rock is a clean natural rock from a sustainable source causing a low environmental impact. Free of nuisance algae and pests the rock is suitable for all reef and marine aquariums or hard water tropical systems. The rock is light in weight, due to its natural porosity and is easy to work and build with within the aquarium.


We recommend bonding the rock together to form larger stable structures using D-D Aquascape Construction Epoxy.

 Natural aragonite rock
 Formed from ancient coral reefs
 Suitable for reef and marine aquariums
 Suitable for cichlid and hard water aquariums
 Clean, safe and easy to build with
 Free of nuisance algae and pests
 Large surface area for bacterial colonisation
 Bond together to form larger structures
 Low environmental impact

Perfect Partners

Aquascape Natural Aquarium Rock is the perfect partner to our Aquascape Construction Epoxy. We recommend using D-D Aquascape Construction Epoxy to bond the rocks together to form larger stable structures.