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Exo Terra Calcium Supplement 40g

Exo Terra Calcium Supplement 40g

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Exo Terra Calcium Supplement is a complementary pet food for
reptiles and amphibians, designed to give them a simple calcium boost to aid
the development and maintenance of their skeletal structure.


Without a good supply of calcium, your reptile can suffer
from problems like Metabolic Bone Disease, and so calcium supplements like this
are an important dietary component for many reptiles.


Providing your reptile has a good source of D3 from their
food or from overhead lighting, your reptile just needs a calcium supplement
like this, however Exo Terra have also developed a version that includes D3.


Exo Terra Calcium Powder Supplement contains:



    • Essential
      elements for proper calcium metabolism.



    • Low



    • Ultra
      fine powder.



    • For
      reptiles and amphibians.