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Exo Terra Ceramic Heater 250w

Exo Terra Ceramic Heater 250w

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The Exo Terra Heat Wave Lamp radiates heat in the same way
the sun does, except without the visible light, meaning you can use it to heat
your reptile's habitat even at night.

The long wave infra-red heat created by the Exo Terra Heat
Wave Lamp works efficiently at creating basking heat for your reptiles, heating
them from above like the sun would in the wild, but without upsetting their
day/night cycle.

As well as the basking temperature felt by your reptile when
he or she decides to sit right under the bulb, it also increases the ambient
warmth in the terrarium.

The Infra-red heat acts like the sun, penetrating the scales
and skin tissue and warming their blood, keeping your reptile's metabolism
running at optimum levels for good health.

This helps health and healing as it widens the blood vessels
and increases blood circulation. So the bulb doesn't get too hot we recommend
the pulse proportional thermostat

  • Small
    Clamp Lamp- For Heat Wave Lamp 40w / 60w / 100w / 150w.

  • Large
    Clamp Lamp- For Heat Wave Lamp 250w.

Please note the wire clamp lamps will not fit these bulbs