Exo Terra Crested Gecko Food

Exo Terra Crested Gecko Food

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This is a highly palatable food, that is has a great taste
and aroma, ideal for luring geckos to it. It contains the ideal combination of
natural fruits as well as the require protein to ensure that your geckos are
getting a healthy diet. This can be fed alone, however is best recommended as
part of a varied diet alongside live food, giving a natural and extensive diet.

This simple to use jelly pot can fit into any Jelly Pot
Holder, including the naturalistic Exo Terra canopy combo dish, and is
simple to remove and throw away afterwards. It contains all the essential
vitamins that are required, and also amino acids and trace elements, meaning
your gecko will be in top condition.

This food is suitable for a wide variety of species of
Gecko, including Crested Geckos (Correlophus ciliatus), Leach's Giant Gecko
(Rhacodactylus leachianus), Gargoyle Gecko (Rhacodactylus auriculatus), Mossy
Gecko (Mniarogekko chahoua), Day Geckos (Phelsuma sp.).

Key Features :

  • Highly
    palatable -irresistible taste and aroma

  • Pre-mixed,
    single serve cups

  • Nutritious
    & ready-to-eat

  • Provides
    ideal calcium and magnesium levels to promote strong bones and support