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Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer

Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer

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Perfect for accurately measuring the humidity in your reptile terrarium, the Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer gives you extra precise readings on your humidity levels, allowing you to take better and more accurate care of your rainforest reptile by ensuring their environment better replicates a rainforest environment.

Using a water resistant electronic sensor, the Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer gathers up-to-the-second humidity data from your reptile home, and reports back on an easy-to-read digital display.

With a programmable memory and easily controlled from a single button, this is a precise piece of kit, and is made to fit Exo Terra Dual Top Canopies, but can be used with any reptile habitat to get accurate results.

Hygrometer characteristics at a glance:

  • Accurate relative air-humidity indication.
  • Unique remote sensor.
  • Minimum / Maximum memory.
  • Fits the Exo Terra Compact Top and Dual Top Canopies.