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Exo Terra Gecko Cave

Exo Terra Gecko Cave

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The Exo Terra Gecko Cave helps to complete the look of your terrarium while providing an important refuge for your gecko. If not provided with a suitable hiding and sleeping area geckos can become stressed and suffer from loss of appetite and other health issues. The Exo Terra Gecko cave is available in three sizes and is designed to integrate perfectly into any type of terrarium.

This product can also be combined with moss, such as sphagnum moss to create a moist, humid environment in a design that is both sturdy and attractive.


  • Small: suitable for reptiles such as smooth knob tail geckos, coleonix, etc
  • Medium: suitable for reptiles such as frog eyed geckos, rough knob tail geckos, paroedura, etc
  • Large: Suitable for reptiles such as leopard geckos, fat tail geckos, etc

At a glance:

  • Secure hiding place for geckos, plus a cooler area to relax
  • Ideal hide for nesting in a sturdy design
  • Reduces levels of stress
  • Creates a moist nesting area when combined with moss
  • An attractive accessory with a natural look easily integrated into any terrarium
  • Available in three sizes