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Exo Terra Light Bracket

Exo Terra Light Bracket

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The Exo Terra Light Bracket is designed to support a light
fitting such as the Exo Terra Light Dome.

The bracket easily adjusts to fit a range of housing such as
the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium and you can regulate the heat/light output by
adjusting the height of the bracket.

Installation instructions:

1. Clean the terrarium glass where the bracket will be

2. Line up the bracket where you want to mount it and mark
the position using a felt pen or wax marker.

3. Remove the backing and stick the bracket where you have
marked the glass.

4. Adjust to the desired height.

5. Remove the first rubber washer and slide the ring of the
fixture's support over the rod of the light bracket.

6. Adjust the position of the fixture by removing the final
rubber washer.

7. Replace the first rubber stopper to secure the ring of
the fixture's support in between both stoppers.