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Exo Terra Multi Vitamin 30g

Exo Terra Multi Vitamin 30g

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Just like us, your reptile needs plenty of vitamins and
minerals to keep them healthy, and you can get these into their diet more
easily with Exo Terra Multi Vitamins - an easy to apply reptile food supplement
you can simply dust your reptile's favourite foods with, including their
livefood like crickets and locusts.

Exo Terra Multi Vitamins are best used as part of a broad
and healthy diet, helping to ensure they have everything they need to develop
into strong, healthy adults for a long and happy life.

Featuring essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements to
look after your reptile's health and wellbeing:

  • Vitamin
    A from beta carotene.

  • Essential
    amino acids.

  • Helps
    to stimulate growth, reproduction and other vital bodily functions.

  • For
    reptiles and amphibians.