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Exo Terra Swamp Basking Spot Bulb

Exo Terra Swamp Basking Spot Bulb

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Exo Terra Swamp Basking Spot lamps are ideal for rainforest reptiles and amphibians, giving them a healthy spot to warm up under after a bit of a dip.


For tropical swamp dwelling reptiles, a different intensity of light and heat is required for them to live their lives healthily and happily, easily provided for using an Exo Terra Swamp Basking Spot.

Made from extra-strong Neodynium glass, these Swamp Basking Bulbs are splash and mist resistant, meaning they can stand up to the humid environment within your semi-aquatic reptile's habitat.

In designing the Swamp Basking Spot Lamp, Exo Terra have created a fantastic bulb for providing reptiles with a great hot-spot in their terrarium to bask in, bringing out their vibrant colours and aiding their general health and well-being.


Swamp Basking Spot 50w
Swamp Basking Spot 75w
Swamp Basking Spot 100w

  • All wattages of these bulbs produce an appropriate temperature of 68F / 20 C and are capable of penetrating up to 24 inches in depth.

At a glance:

  • Splash and mist resistant basking spot bulb
  • Broad spectrum daylight spot bulb
  • Ideal for humid and aquatic terrariums
  • Benefits from an extra-strong neodymium glass construction
  • Highlights naturally vivid colours of animals