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Exo Terra Thermostat 100w

Exo Terra Thermostat 100w

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ExoTerra Thermostat 100w:

  • Accurately
    controls terrarium temperatures.

  • Ideal
    for use with Heat Mats and Heat Cables

  • From
    20?C up to 35?C (68?F - 95?F)

  • Waterproof
    remote sensor

  • Controls
    heating devices up to 100 W/ 300 W

  • Recessed
    temperature setting to avoid accidental setting or tampering

  • Waterproof
    remote sensor with 6 foot / 185cm probe cord

  • Red
    LED heat indicator shows when heating element is ON

  • Can
    be used with the following Exo Terra heating sources: Heat Mat, Heat Cable
    or Ceramic Heaters