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Fauna Marin Ultra Phos 0.04

Fauna Marin Ultra Phos 0.04

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Fauna Marin Phos 0.04 Phosphate Remover 475g

Ultra PHOS 0,04 a novel compound granules, which phosphates and yellow substances are safely removed from the aquarium cycle. A unique feature is the safe use of UltraPHOS004, since the PO4-value can not fall to 0.00. Therefore Ultra PHOS 0,04 is safe, while extremely effective.
Colour and nutrients are tightly bound to the material and not re-released, so the nutrient content of the aquarium can be kept very low. Unwanted algae growth is effectively prevented and corals can develop their natural colours.

Application and dosage:
Please list changes in your aquarium slowly and carefully!

Use 50 ml Ultra PHOS 0,04 per 100 litres of water.
After 5 days, you can increase the amount of up to 100 ml per 100 litres of water.

Check the PO4 content regularly.

It is not advisable to UltraPHOS0,04 use at the lowest PO4 values.
Best Ultra PHOS 0,04 is used, behind a UV clarifier and after fine filtration in a fluidized bed reactor. The flow rate should be 100 - 200 litres / h. The slower the better.

If the PO4 content rises again, replace Ultra PHOS 0,04 with fresh material.