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Fish Science Weekend Food 20g

Fish Science Weekend Food 20g

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The ideal way for you to feed your fish while you are away for weekends and short breaks.

For small and medium sized tropical fish.

Does not cloud the water if used as instructed.

Slowly dissolves, releasing the specially formulated food for your fish to consume.

Feeding Instructions

Add the weekend food to your aquarium just before you go away on holiday following the feeding table above.  This is based on keeping small to medium sized fish (e.g. Rosy barbs, Swordtails, guppies).  Please adjust accordingly if you keep smaller species. Uneaten food should be removed when you return home.


Number of Fish Time Away Number of Wafers
5 – 25 2 – 3 1
4 – 6 2
25 – 40 2 – 3 2
4 – 6 3
40+ 2 – 3 3
4 – 6 4