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Fluval Pressurized Co2 Kit 95g

Fluval Pressurized Co2 Kit 95g

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These Pressurised CO2 Kits come in a kit ready to go, and include everything you will need to get started with providing the best for your planted aquarium. CO2 Kits are the perfect accessory for planted aquariums to help achieve and maintain strong, healthy and attractive aquatic plant life, particularly in smaller aquariums. They can regulate the amount of CO2 that is given and many kits allow you to adjust the range to suit your fish and plants.

These great value for money kits provide aquatic plants with the appropriate levels of carbon dioxide to help them to thrive. Spare cartridges are also available, so you need never run out.


Pressurised CO2 Kit 95g

  • Designed for aquariums up to 190l (50G)
  • Disposable CO2 cartridge (95 g)
  • Regulator valve
  • CO2 ceramic diffuser
  • 2-in-1 Bubble Counter/Check valve
  • Bracket
  • Hose