Fluval U1 Internal Filter

Fluval U1 Internal Filter

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U1 Underwater Filter, Up to 55 L (15 US Gal)

Item #: A465 | UPC:015561104654
Format: 10 L x 8 W x 15 H cm (4 L x 3 W x 6 H")

Offering outstanding 3-stage filtration, increased water movement and vital aeration, Fluval U-Series internal filters are the perfect solution where external filtration is not possible.

New Sleek Design

New Easy Grip Water Control Paddle

New Redesigned Media Cartridge – Traps more debris

Designed for aquariums up to 55 L (15 US Gal)

Use as a primary filter for smaller aquariums, or supplementary filter for larger aquariums

Position horizontally for shallow tanks, larger tanks with low water levels, or to create a decorative waterfall feature

Position vertically against aquarium wall to create currents or customized flow patterns

Convenient flip-top lid allows for quick and easy access to filter cartridge for maintenance or replacement

BioMax biological media included

Made in Italy

Ideal for freshwater, saltwater and reptile environments