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Hawaiian/Moorish Idol

Hawaiian/Moorish Idol

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Moorish Idol (Zanclus Cornutus)

What is the maximum size? They can reach 23cm. 

Where is its origin and where is it exported from? The Moorish Idol comes from the Indo- Pacific. 

Is it Reef Compatible? Not ideal, may pick at sponges and some other corals that they would naturally eat in the wild. 

What should I feed it? Difficult to feed. Best to feed a varied diet with plenty of algae, frozen foods and live food. Keep with live rock as it’s a grazing fish and this will also help get it feeding. 

How many can I keep? This fish can be kept on its own or 2 or 3 in a very large aquarium. Needs plenty of swimming space and also some hiding places. 

How compatible is it with other fish? The moorish idol is a fairly peaceful fish. Best to acclimatise to a tank before any territorial fish are added.

 Can it be bred in the aquarium? No