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Juwel Amorax

Juwel Amorax

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Amorax - Amonium Remover

Amorax is a highly effective filter medium used to break down ammonium in your aquarium. It prevents the formation of ammonia, effectively reduces the growth of algae and can contribute to improved plant growth.


Characteristics of JUWEL Amorax:

• Reduces ammonium

• Slows down algae growth

• Promotes plant growth

• Suitable for use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums


Amorax - Amonium Remover

Amorax is a highly efficient filter medium made of natural Zeolite. It quickly and effectively binds ammonium, thereby preventing the formation of ammonia and promotes the vitality of your fish.


Available sizes:

Amorax M - 88054

Amorax L - 88104

Amorax XL - 88154