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Kelberi Peacock Bass

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The Yellow Peacock Bass (Cichla kelberi) has an olive-gold body with three black stripes like many other Peacock Basses. This species also has a light-ringed dark spot by the tail and light-colored spots on its lower fins.

The Peacock Basses (genusCichla) are popular as both gamefish and large aquarium fish. Unfortunately, this has led them to become invasive and restricted in many areas. For this reason, they are not eligible for shipping through our mailorder service.

Peacock Basses as a group grow very large. The smallest species reaches to just under 11 inches in length, while the largest grows well over 3 feet in length and is one of the largest of all cichlids. As such, Peacock Basses need very large aquariums with ample filtration. They are best kept alone in a species-only tank but can be kept with larger, similarly-tempered tankmates if the aquarium is large enough.

Like all cichlids, Peacock Basses can be aggressively territorial, especially if breeding. They are carnivores and should be fed a varied, meaty diet. Though feeder fish can be given on rare occasion or to trigger a feeding response in new fish, this should not be the Peacock Bass's main diet and will led to health problems. A variety of items included fresh, frozen and freeze-dried worms, shrimp, beefheart, fishflesh and other similar items.