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Leopard Gecko CB20 F Super Snow Eclipse

Leopard Gecko CB20 F Super Snow Eclipse

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Species: Leopard Gecko, Eublepharis macularius

Country: India, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan

Biome: Terrestrial, arid

Activity: Crepuscular

Maximum Size: 7-10 inches

Lifespan: 15-20 Years

Food: Insectivores - They should be fed a wide variety of insects such as crickets, locusts and dubia roaches. They size of these will increase with age, but a rough guide is the insect should only be smaller than the gap between the animal’s eyes. Grub food, such as waxworms and mealworms, should be fed sparingly and as treats as these can be quite fatty.
All food should have a light dusting of calcium powder, with one day off. Once a month a multivitamin should also be provided. Gut loading feeders is also important, feed them a variety of veg such as kale, cabbage, carrots and more.
Basking Temperature: 35◦C This should be read directly under the basking light. The surface temperature will be much warmer than this, which is quite normal. The lizard will move on and off as he needs.

Temperature Range: 15-35◦C The vivarium should have a hot side and a cool side. The hot side, in the day, will usually read 30◦C with the basking spot reading much higher. The cool side, in the day, will usually read around 25◦C. At night, the basking light should be switched off and a drop in temperature achieved.

Humidity Range: 30-40% A water bowl should be provided on the cool end of the vivarium which can raise the humidity. If the gecko does not drink from the bowl a daily small spray should be done. Humid hides should be provided to create spots of higher humidity, use damp sphagnum moss to create these.

UVB Requirements: A 6% T5 Tube, also sold as a Ferguson zone 1, this should be on for 12-14 hours a day and run alongside the basking bulb. A dark area should be provided on the cool end of the vivarium.

Substrate: Leopard Geckos can be kept on a mixture of loose and rocky substrate. Loose substrate allows for the natural behaviour of digging, although many believe this causes impaction. If all other care is bang on and there are areas to come off the substrate, this should not be a problem. If concerned, youngsters can be kept on matts.

Care Level: Beginner


Essential Equipment:
• Minimum 3x2x2Ft (Vivexotic)
• UVB Fitting (Reptile Systems Zone 1 Eco T5 Unit (24w/39w), Reptile Systems Twin Luminaire 24w/39w)
• Water and Feed Bowl
• Basking Bulb (Exo Terra, Reptile Systems) with a Lamp Holder (Reptile Systems Ceramic Rotating Clamp)
• High Temperature Dimming Stat (Microclimate)
• Thermometer (Exo Terra)
• Décor – rocks, foliage and branches, allows the animal to climb and wear nails down
• Substrate (Prorep Leo Life, Exo Terra Sand Matt)
• Calcium (Exo Terra 40g)
• MultiVitamin (Exo Terra 40g)