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Livefood Flightless Fruit Fly - Culture

Livefood Flightless Fruit Fly - Culture

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Our flightless fruit flies are the main staple of many invertebrate and amphibian diets. They are very affordable, highly nutritious and quite easy to digest making them perfect for daily feeding. Our flightless fruit flies are dispatched direct from the breeder and will be gut loaded before packing to make sure that they are as nutritious as possible on arrival.

flightless fruit flies are the perfect size for hatchling amphibians very small fish and juvenile insectivorous invertebrates (e.g. mantis and tarantulas). In store we use the flightless fruit flies with all of our baby spiders, baby frogs, mantis and small dart frogs.

This product will be delivered in a plastic container. Inside the bottom of the square tub is a second small container with fruit food concentrate and larvae. Above the food tub are egg box pieces or wood shavings to provide space for the flies when they hatch. The sides of the plastic tub are perforated to provide maximum ventilation with minimum risk of escape. The colony usually hatches it's first generation within a few days of arriving and if kept properly more will hatch within a week or so.

You'll love them because:
  • We guarantee freshness or your money back
  • They are farm bred in ethical conditions.
  • They are pre-fed to ensure your reptile is getting a healthy and nutritious meal.
  • Delivered straight to your door in good time.
We recommend flightless fruit flies for the following animal types:
  • Baby Frogs
  • Baby Axolotls
  • Small spiders
  • Small mantis
  • Baby toads
  • Size: 2-3 mm in length when fully grown