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Microbe-Lift All-in-One Trace Elements 118ml

Microbe-Lift All-in-One Trace Elements 118ml

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Specially developed premium trace elements and minerals in a bottle for use in saltwater aquariums. A newly developed formula, it is now possible to simply maintain a marine aquarium. All-in-One is a time-saving product, easy and cost-effective to use.

This premium product contains a balanced ratio of the following six MICROBE- LIFT / Reef products:

  • Chelated Iron (ferrous / Thiamin B-1)
  • Essential Minerals & Trace Elements (minerals / trace elements)
  • Vitamins & Amino Acids (vitamins / amino acids)
  • Calcium Concentrate (calcium)
  • Iodide & Bromide (iodine / bromide)
  • Strontium & Molybdenum (strontium / molybdenum)
  • Vitamin D


The natural sea water contains more than 70 different components of trace elements and minerals. These help sustain water quality for fish, corals, invertebrates and higher algae. All-In-One provides all the key traces of elements to provide the fish with a natural environment.


Give depending on trim once or twice a week 7 to 12 ml per 100 litres of water is added to a wide range of all major additives cover.