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Neon Tetras

Neon Tetras

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Paracheirodon innesi

Note: Due
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Hyphessobrycon innesi


Inland waters of Brazil, Colombia & Peru.
Most specimens in the aquatics trade are captive-bred.

Sexual Dimorphism

In mature specimens, females may appear slightly

Maximum Size

4cm (1.58?)

Water Parameters

pH: 5.0-7.5, dH: 1-12 degrees


20-26 deg C (68-79 deg F)




No special requirements



Perhaps the best known of all tropical fish, Neon Tetras
are a colourful, but delicate species which should not be added to the aquarium
until it is mature (at least 3-6 months old). Due to its shoaling nature, this
species should be maintained in groups of at least 6, and preferably more.
Peaceful and suitable for smaller aquariums ? can be kept with other small
peaceful fish species. Shelter in the form of plant cover will be much



Offer a good quality flake food, supplemented with small
frozen foods such as daphnia and cyclops.



Difficult to breed in
the home aquarium, but it can be achieved under the right conditions in a
specially designated species-only aquarium. The pH should be at the lower end
of the range (i.e. between 5.0 and 6.0) with a hardness <5 degrees dH.
Spawning mops or Java moss should be placed on the bottom of the aquarium and a
group of conditioned adult fish acclimatised to the tank. During the spawning
process, up to 130 eggs will be scattered. The adults are non-guarders and
should be removed immediately after spawning to prevent predation on the eggs.
Juveniles should be offered infusoria as a first food