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Northern Curly Tail Lizard WC

Northern Curly Tail Lizard WC

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Leiocephalus carinatus

Due to variations within species, your item may not look
identical to the image provided. Approximate size range may also vary between
individual specimen


Please phone the store when placing
an order of an animal. If collecting from the store dates and times need to be
set, and if you require a delivery service we have several methods. We can
provide a delivery as far down to Manchester along a set route, placing pick up
points, or delivery can be done by registered reptile couriers.


Origins: Peru,
Cuba, Caribbean

Max Size: 10-18cm,

Lifespan: 8-10

Activity: Diurnal

Care Level: Easy



Humidity Range: 30-55%

Diet: Omnivores,
leafy greens mainly supplemented with grubs and crickets once or twice a week

UVB: T8 10%,
T5 12%

Biome: Grassland

Style: Terrestrial


Northern Curly Tails
are quite bold but are initially nervous of handling. With time and food they
will happily accept being picked up on their terms. An interesting feature of
the species is when threatened they will repeatedly curl their tails to intimidate
and confuse the predator before fleeing.

These lizards have
huge personalities and are very active, using every inch of their enclosure. At
night they will burrow to sleep so a good depth of substrate is ideal.