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NT LABS Marine Parazoryne 100ml

NT LABS Marine Parazoryne 100ml

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When fish are stressed, their immune system can be compromised, leading to further various infections which can overwhelm and kill them. NT Labs Marine Parazoryne is a treatment containing a special blend of herbal extracts and oils, which supports the fish and its immune system during recovery from parasitic infections, allowing them to survive and thrive again.

When to Use:
Use when small white spots, like grains of salt, can be seen scattered on the body of the fish (Cryptocaryon), when the fish are showing signs of irritation (such as rubbing on objects in the aquarium), or if fish have a grey velvety film all over the body (Oodinium). A 10-day course of Parazoryne can be used at the same time as any other treatment, and will support the fish after medicinal treatment courses have ended to ensure that these work as efficiently as possible.

Caution: Do not use UV sterilisers, protein skimmers or absorbent materials such as activated carbon, until 1 day after the course has finished.

If your protein skimmer is the only source of aeration, then alternative aeration should be provided.

Poor water quality can be the primary cause of stress and disease in fish. Always monitor the water quality in your aquarium.

Follow the dosage instructions on the bottle label.

Size: 100ml