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Oriental Fire Bellied Toad CB21
Oriental Fire Bellied Toad CB21
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Oriental Fire Bellied Toad CB21

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Defining characteristics

Difficulty level- easy (beginners) / red, orange or yellow underside / fair amount of care / Adult size 1-2 inches / can be kept in groups / Diurnal (active during the day).


Bombina orientalis or commonly known as Fire Belly Toad or Fire-bellied toad.

Recommended vivarium size

Fire Belly Toads do best in a semi-aquatic terrarium (half water/half land). 2 or 3 toads will do well in a 10 to 15 gallon tank  or a 18x18x18 Exo-terra terrarium. These toads can be escape artists, so a tight lid is necessary.


Maintain daytime temps to stay between 70 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Nighttime temps can dip as low as 60 degrees. No basking light is needed for Fire Belly Toads, however, as they are a cold tolerant amphibian.


50-80% humidity is ideal for Fire Belly Toads. Having a 50/50 water to land ratio will, in fact, help to achieve desirable humidity with minimal misting.


Adult size is 1-2 inches with little to no difference in size between male and female.


Life span is approximately 7-15 years with proper care.


Offer a variety of insects  including small crickets and mealworms dusted with Repti Calcium and Reptivite as directed .

Social behavior

Fire Belly Toads do well in groups when given the proper set-up. Of course, more space is better.


Green with a red, orange or yellow underside.


Fairly easy to breed in captivity. First time breeders can produce small clutches of sixty to eighty eggs. In contrast, older females can produce up to two hundred eggs.


Tadpoles begin to hatch in 3 days. After about a month, they will complete metamorphosis.

Tadpole care

When hatched for the first few days, tadpoles will be seen clinging to sides of tank or vegetation using stored yolk to feed. Afterward, when free-swimming begins, you can start to feed a powdered tropical fish flake.

Natural range

Fire Belly Toads can be found in China, Korea and southern Russia.