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Orphek Azurelite Blue LED Torch

Orphek Azurelite Blue LED Torch

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Azurelite is Orphek?s high performance blue LED multifunctional Flashlight designed specifically for coral night feeding, colors & health checking and illuminatin

3 different functional modes:
Low Output: Coral feeding
High Output: Night Viewing & Inspection
Strobe Output: To use for signalization when out there checking corals in Nature

High Luminance
Powerful Focusing Beam
Orphek Signature Convex Optic
5 Watt Lifetime LED
3 Functional Modes

Type: Rechargeable Flashlight
Voltage: 4.5V
Light Source: 5W LED
LED Type: Blue
Length: 5.75?/ 146.05mm
Diameter: 1.375?/ 34.925mm
Weight: 110g
Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
Surface Treatment: Anodic oxidation
Body Color: White/White ring
Running time: battery-running time

Compatible Battery Types
Alkaline AAA batteries
Lithium AAA batteries
NiMh rechargeable AAA batteries
OBs: Batteries are not included!