Painted Wood Turtle WC

Painted Wood Turtle WC

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Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima

Due to variations within species, your item may not look
identical to the image provided. Approximate size range may also vary between
individual specimen


Please phone the store when placing
an order of an animal. If collecting from the store dates and times need to be
set, and if you require a delivery service we have several methods. We can
provide a delivery as far down to Manchester along a set route, placing pick up
points, or delivery can be done by registered reptile couriers.


Origins: North
America, Nicaragua, Costa Rica

Max Size: 13-20cm,

Lifespan: 80+

Activity: Diurnal

Care Level: Intermediate



Humidity Range: 60-80%

Diet: Omnivorous,
more earthworms and other grubs when juveniles. Adults eat more leafy greens
and the odd treat of fruit

UVB: T8 5%,
T5 6%

Biome: Sub
Tropical Forest

Style:  Terrestrial and Semi-Aquatic


The Painted Wood
Turtle is a gorgeous turtle that lives primarily on the land, it does require a
large basin of shallow water that it can enter as they will only defecate in
water. Temperatures must not drop below 20?C as they become at risk of a Respiratory Infection. Kept
in the right environment these are an amazing animal to care for as they are
very intelligent and can be trained.

Care must be taken
to keep the water clean and fresh, a filtration system can be provided or an easy
to remove tub. These turtles are very active and will climb, vivaria must be
secure and closed to avoid any potential escapes.