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Penguin Tetra

Penguin Tetra

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Thayeria boehlkei

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Heavily vegetated and slow-moving areas of the
Upper Amazon River basin in Peru and Araguaia River in Brazil. The majority
of specimens offered for sale in the aquatics trade are captive-bred.

Sexual Dimorphism

Mature females are fuller-bodied.

Maximum Size

4cm (1.6?)

Water Parameters

Captive-raised specimens will acclimatise to a
wide range of conditions. pH: 6-8, dH: up to 20 degrees.


22-28 deg C (72-82 deg F)


Community with no long-finned fish





Penguin Tetras are a shoaling species that should be
maintained in groups of 6 or more. Can be slightly nippy, so long-finned
tankmates are best avoided. The tank should be well planted and have a cover of
floating plants to help diffuse the lighting. Very sensitive to elevated
nitrate levels, so excellent water quality is a must.



Flake, micropellets, frozen foods such as mosquito larvae,
brineshrimp and daphnia.



A separate softwater breeding aquarium should be set up
with plenty of fine-leaved plants. Spawning takes place in darkened conditions,
where as many as 1000 eggs are laid. The parents should be removed once the
female is exhausted of eggs, and these will hatch within 24 hours. The fry are
tiny and should be offered infusoria as a first food. (It is worth noting that
many breeders of this species recommend carrying out a partial water change
when spawning is over, due to the large amounts of milt expelled by the male,
which could foul the water of the breeding tank).