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ProRep Bio Life Forest 10L

ProRep Bio Life Forest 10L

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A new substrate from ProRep, this Bio Life FOREST substrate is the perfect addition in an eco-drainage system, ideal for rainforest species such as frogs or geckos.


This substrate provides the perfect living conditions for creating your own ecosystem in your terrarium, allowing the ideal environment for a little clean up crew, such as woodlice or springtails.

Ideally used with a drainage layer, this substrate is a mixture of soils, moss and chips which create structure great for small creatures such as frogs, allowing you to easily add features such as water areas.

The pH is designed to encourage growth of beneficial bacteria, and the rich nutrients will allow them to flourish, making this the best choice for a drainage planted terrarium set up.


  • Best used in a glass or plastic terrarium so that no moisture damage can occur.
  • Ideally used with a drainage layer of around 5cm, to create a water reservoir to supply the substrate.
  • Place a mesh layer on the drainage, to prevent the substrate from seeping into the water.
  • Layer the substrate as required, ideally creating surface structures.