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Red Sea Algae Control Pro Comparator Test Kit

Red Sea Algae Control Pro Comparator Test Kit

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Element : P-PO4, Nitrate
Test Type : Comparator
No of Test : 100 each

Includes one of each of the test kits in the Red Sea Reef Care Program Stage Two Algae Nutrient Control. Contains the following Test Kits

Red Sea Phosphate Pro Test Kit
Red Sea Nitrate Pro Test Kit

All Pro Test Kits come in a durable plastic housing and use optically clear, analytical lab grade glass test vials.

Used for testing of both Nitrate and also Phosphate in the aquarium.
Can also be used as part of the Stage 2 - Algae Nutrient Control in the Red Sea Reef Care Program. The Algae Nutrient Control Stage provides a complete solution for testing and controlling nuisance algae and promote coral coloration. To control these NO3 and PO4 levels use the N:P-X treatment.

This products is part of the new Red Sea unique Reef Care Program (RCP). The Red Sea reef care program is the result of over 5 years research from Red Sea scientists resulting in unparralleled understanding of the requirements of coral aquariums. The Red Sea Reef Care Program provides a holistic solution to maintaining a flourishing coral reef aquarium. It even allows beginners to achieve stunning sps aquariums safely.