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Red Sea DipX

Red Sea DipX

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What is Red Sea DipX?

Red Sea DipX is a coral bath to keep your reef aquarium trouble-free and works by repelling coral hitchhikers without harming coral. It's made up of a specific blend of three essential oils without any inorganic elements such as potassium iodide or bromide and disperses all macroscopic motile organisms. DipX has proven to be totally safe for the corals and is safe for SPS, LPS, soft coral, Zoanthids, mushroom anemones and live rock.

What are the benefits of Red Sea DipX?

When adding new corals to your aquarium, it is vital that unwanted hitchhikers are not imported with them. These are hidden deep inside the crevices of corals and rocks and are usually not visible to the naked eye. Once in the aquarium, they can migrate from coral to coral causing havoc as they go along. It is therefore best practice to dip corals in a cleansing bath before adding them to your reef.

How do I use DipX?

A fifteen minute bath is ample time to repel hitchhikers. Simply dip a new coral in a DipX bath solution for 15 minutes and watch as tiny hitchhikers including Acropora-eating flatworms, Montipora-eating Nudibranchs and Acropora Red Bugs, are driven away.


Red Sea DipX Dipping solution generated Number of baths
(1 litre per bath)
100ml 10 litres Approx. 10
250ml 25 litres Approx. 25
500ml 50 litres Approx. 50
5l 500 litres Approx. 500