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Habistat Heating Mat

Habistat Heating Mat

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The unique distribution of the heating ink on the surface of the
Heat Mat allows for a gradual decrease of temperature towards the edge. This
greatly reduces the risk of glass bottomed vivariums cracking. The uniformity
of temperature is guaranteed because of the wide heating bands.

heat mats have an additional safety feature in the form of a resistor that
restricts the flow of electricity the hotter the mat gets ensuring in the event
of a thermostat failure that the heat mat will not get more than 20?c above the
ambient room temperature. The Reptile Systems Heat Mats are supplied with
rubberised spacers, it is important to remember when installing any heat mat
they should be placed on the outside of the enclosure and allow adequate
ventilation to allow excess heat to escape.

in 5 sizes 15 x 15cm 3.5w 28 x 16.5cm 8w 28 x 28cm 16w 28 x 41cm 24w 28 x 65cm