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Shrimp Stick Algae/Vegetables 15g

Shrimp Stick Algae/Vegetables 15g

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Shrimp Sticks Algae/Vegetable Flavour from Shrimps Forever

The shrimp sticks vegetable/algae by Shrimps Forever is a healthy snack for all shrimps.
The sticks are provided with a layer of food consisting of algae and different vegetables.
The shrimp stick support the shrimps in growth and health. The sticks are made from 100% vegetable ingredients on a wooden stick.

Excellent supplementary food
Promotes growth and colour
100% Vegetable Ingredients
Easy to use
Pack Size: 10 pieces
Weight: 15g

Marine Algae, Spirulina, vegetable by products, mineral and vitamin mixtures

Feeding Guide:
Use this feed as a supplementary shrimp feed.
Give about 1 stick per 50 shrimps.
Feed 2-3 times a week.
The stick can stay in the aquarium until the feed portion is eaten.