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Waterlife Hole-in-the Head & Bloat Octozin 21 Tablets

Waterlife Hole-in-the Head & Bloat Octozin 21 Tablets

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Waterlife Octozin is an anti-parasite treatment for aquarium fish, helping to destroy infestations of dropsy, sleeping sickness and other parasitic organisms that can cause havoc with your fish. 

 Product Information

Waterlife Octozin is a treatment used for certain internal parasites, the types of internal parasites which can cause:-

  • Sleeping Sickness
  • Hole-In-The-Head
  • Seawater Angelfish and Clown Fish Disease
  • Malawi Bloat Disease
  • Dropsy (in the early stages)

Also where Cuprazin cannot be used, Octozin can be used to treat white spot in seawater aquaria.
It takes 3 days to complete the Octozin course, then the treatment will remain active for a further 3 days. The internal parasites will be destroyed immediately, but you may find that it takes up to 7 days for you to see a visible improvement in your fish.

Octozin is harmless to invertebrates and algae as long as you follow the instructions carefully.