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Weather Loaches

Weather Loaches

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Scientific Name Misgurnus angullicaudatus
Common Names of weather loach Amur Mud Loach, Dojo Loach, Japanese Loach, Japanese Weatherfish, Oriental Weatherfish, Pond Loach, Weather Loach
Origin South Asia: China, Korea, Japan, Northern Vietnam, Siberia, Sakhalin
Family Cobitidae
Size of the fish 12 inches (30 cm)
Behavior and temperament Peaceful, community fish


Shoaling fish

Lifespan 10 years
Level of housing Bottom dweller
Minimum Tank Size 20 gallon
Food Eats almost anything/ Omnivorous
Breeding Level Difficult
Care Easy to Intermediate
the pH of the tank water 6.0 to 8.0
The hardness of the tank water 7 to 12 dGH
The temperature of the tank water 40 F to 77 F (4 C to 25 C)