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Wild Green Neon Tetra

Wild Green Neon Tetra

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Paracheirodon simulans

Note: Due
to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image


Cheirodon simulans, Hyphessobrycon simulans


Upper Negro River basin, Brazil and the Orinoco
River basin in Colombia & Venezuela.

Sexual Dimorphism

Mature females are fuller-bodied.

Maximum Size

3cm (1.18?)

Water Parameters

Soft and acidic. pH: 5.5-6.5, dH: <8 degrees.


24-27 deg C (75-81 deg F)


Softwater community





The Green Neon Tetra is a beautiful, peaceful species is
best maintained in groups of 6 or more fish in a softwater aquarium. Tankmates,
if desired, should consist of small fish only, and which are of a similar
disposition. Green Neon Tetras appreciate rooted and floating plant cover to
help diffuse some of the light. Specimens offered for sale in the trade are
almost all wild-caught from their natural blackwater environment which is
surrounded by overhanging vegetation from the rainforests, hence the need for
dappled light to be provided. Peat filtration is highly recommended. May also
be seen on sale as the False Neon Tetra.



Flake, micropellets, small frozen foods such as daphnia,
baby brineshrimp and cyclops.



Difficult. Best results are obtained when groups, rather
than pairs, are added to the spawning aquarium. Each female can lay up to 130
eggs. The water must be very soft and acidic, and plenty of Java moss (or
spawning mops) placed on the bottom of the tank to collect the eggs. The adult
fish should be removed from the aquarium once spawning has ceased in order to
prevent predation on the eggs. The tank should be kept in darkness as the eggs
are light sensitive. These eggs should hatch within 24 hours. Once
free-swimming, the fry should be offered infusoria.